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The Ultimate Guide to Job Posting Sites and Platforms: Where to Post Your Job

Finding and attracting top talent is crucial for the success of any organization. One of the key factors that can significantly impact your recruitment efforts is the platform you choose to post your jobs. Selecting the best job posting site to advertise your job openings can help you reach a larger and more relevant audience, increase the visibility of your job postings, and attract qualified candidates. The problem is that there are so many job boards out there to choose from, and spending money on the wrong job posting sites and job platforms can cost your organization a great deal of time and money. How do you know what the post job posting sites and job platforms are and where to post your jobs? In this article, we guide you on how to make that decision and how to ensure it is successful. 

choosing a website

Important Questions to Consider

  • What job posting sites and job platforms currently exist?

  • Are there specific job platforms for my job type? 

  • What is the target audience of each job board? 

  • What job types are they best for? 

  • Are they attracting the job seekers you’re looking for?  

  • What are the user reviews of the job platforms? 

What Does Success Look Like For Your Organization? 

Before determining which job board you will use, it is important to establish how success will be measured. It is essential to focus on metrics that are relevant, meaningful, aligned with organizational goals, visible to stakeholders, and actionable to drive positive outcomes. Choosing success metrics for hiring involves considering the goals and priorities of the organization, as well as the specific needs of the hiring process, and can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve written a whole guide for you on choosing the right recruiting success metrics for your organization. 

Understand Your Ideal Jobseeker

What are the demographics, psychographics, and behavior of your ideal candidate? This can include factors such as age, gender, income, interests, and purchasing habits. You may already have employees in this role, so take a look at some of your top performers.  What do they have in common, what is important to them, and what have you learned previously when trying to fill this role? This can help you understand who your target audience is, what your gaps might be with the current employee group, and how to reach them.

Understanding Your Target Audience

Different job posting sites and job platforms cater to different audiences and industries. By choosing a platform that aligns with your target audience, you can ensure that the right candidates see your job postings. This can help you attract candidates who are more likely to be a good fit for your organization and reduce the time and resources spent on screening unqualified applicants. Defining your target audience involves identifying the specific group of people who are most likely to be interested and qualified for your job. Learning which job posting sites attract which candidates is an important first step. For example, someone hiring for a summer retail job might be looking for a college student interested in seasonal work and should cater their job post to find those candidates. We talked to food service and retail job seekers ages 18-29 and found the following insights that may help narrow down your options.



Over 50% of job seekers use their phones to look for jobs.

 Is the site you’re using mobile-friendly? Consider shifting to a mobile-friendly platform for your next job posting.

16% of people check for job openings in physical stores.

This cohort is worth exploring! Do you have in-store QR codes to help capture all applications?

In retail, 63% of job seekers use Indeed, but a staggering 22% submit paper applications in-store.

How does your application process capture all of your target candidates? 

Consider Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Identify what sets you apart from the competition and how it meets the specific needs of your target audience. Use data to understand what other companies these candidates might work at/apply to and how you compare.  You could also focus on career development opportunities, such as mentorship programs, training initiatives, or clear paths for organizational advancement. Another potential USP could be your company culture and values. Highlight a supportive and inclusive work environment, emphasizing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Candidates often seek workplaces where they feel respected, valued, and part of a positive community.

Explore Job Posting Site Insights  

At JobGet, we focus on the Everyday Workforce and how we can connect them to the best local opportunities. During our research, we discovered interesting insights that contradict some of the most common industry “best practices.” Some of these findings, outlined below, indicate that traditional methods may not be responsive to the job seekers' needs.


Audience Demographics 

Job Types 




Global -largest job site 

Diverse, ranging from entry-level job seekers to experienced professionals. It attracts job seekers from different industries and job types.

Features a wide range of job postings across industries. Known for its extensive database of job listings, including full-time, part-time, and remote positions.

Most job seekers and employers have heard of Indeed - a household name.

Volume over quality - Job Seekers need to know what they’re looking for. 

Caters to everyone, so not a specific target audience.


774 million members worldwide

Consists of professionals and executives across various industries. It is popular among job seekers in fields such as technology, finance, and healthcare.

Popular for posting professional and executive-level positions, as well as roles in technology, finance, and healthcare. Features a mix of full-time, part-time, and contract positions.

Ability to reach passive candidates who are not actively searching for a job but may be open to new opportunities; Access to detailed candidate profiles


White collar, tech-heavy

 Job posts face high competition due to the total volume of ads and the many well-known companies posting jobs.


Zip recruiter 

162 million job seekers

Diverse, with its platform serving a range of job seekers from various levels of experience and industries. 

Extensive, covering numerous industries and job types. Recognized for its substantial volume of listings that include full-time, part-time, and remote positions.

Wide distribution of job postings across over 100 job sites.

Functions as a cloud-based ATS for small businesses or integrates with existing ATS at the premium level

It may be too pricey for some small and medium-sized businesses

Doesn’t post to larger job sites like Monster or Indeed


65+ Million 

18-35, hourly workforce. Entry-level, highly motivated candidates. 

Mostly everyday jobs in the service industries 

Largest app-first job seeker community

Responsive and quality candidates

JobGet concentrates more on local and hourly work, so it might not be the best fit for companies seeking candidates for skilled or higher-level jobs. 

Decision Matrix

At this point, you know what success needs to look like and how to measure it. You also understand your ideal candidate and what audiences the various job posting sites might attract. You have your USP, and you're ready to find your candidates! Once you choose the criteria that are most important to you based on understanding your success metrics and target audience, apply a weight to each of the criteria.

Let's jump in! In this example, we are looking for a job posting site to help us hire a service industry candidate. We're looking for someone around the 18-29 age range who has experience in restaurant and retail industry space. We know that this candidate will likely use their phone for their job search, and they are looking for a flexible job searching experience. And finally, we need to hire FAST! Let's take a look at how the four top job posting sites compare:



Target Audience Reach   



Candidate Responsiveness


Weights (sum) 







3 (9)

5 (25)

2 (6)

4 (20)

2 (10)



3 (9)

0 (0) 

2 (6)

2 (8)

3 (15) 



3 (9)

4 (20) 

2 (6)

2 (8)

2 (10) 



4 (12)

5 (25)

4 (12)

4 (20)

4 (20) 


Job Posting Site Solution

Selecting the right job posting site is crucial for attracting top talent and ensuring a successful recruitment process. By considering factors such as the specific job platforms available, their target audiences, and user reviews, you can make informed decisions that align with your organization's goals and hiring needs. Establishing clear success metrics and understanding the demographics and behaviors of your ideal job seekers are essential steps in this process. Additionally, leveraging your unique selling proposition and exploring the insights of various job posting sites can further enhance your recruitment strategy. By following these guidelines and utilizing platforms like JobGet, you can efficiently reach and attract the right candidates, ultimately driving the success of your organization.

Reach out to us today to learn more about how JobGet can help you connect with motivated hourly workers and make your next hire a reality. Your next great hire is just a click away.

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