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Elevate Your ROI with Data-Driven Hiring Strategies

Updated: May 22

In the fast-paced landscape of the hospitality and retail job market, making well-informed hiring decisions is more critical than ever. Enterprises that leverage data analytics in their recruitment process gain a competitive edge, maximize their return on investment (ROI), and make smarter hiring choices. For example, by identifying candidates whose skills and experiences align with your company culture and job requirements, you're more likely to make hires who stay with your organization longer. Data-driven hiring can also lead to significant cost savings with the right hiring partner, as it helps you allocate resources more efficiently.

The Value of Data and Feedback from Hourly Workers

Understanding the needs and challenges of hourly workers is paramount for enterprises seeking to enhance their hiring processes. This invaluable data provides a clearer perspective on the workforce and offers the potential for substantial improvements in recruitment. Based on an extensive survey conducted by our team, we've uncovered key motivators for hourly workers:

  • Compensation:

    • 36.46% of respondents cited higher pay as a significant motivation.

  • Job Satisfaction:

    • 24.03% of participants expressed job enjoyment as a crucial factor in their employment satisfaction.

  • Opportunities for Growth:

    • 21.59% highlighted the importance of opportunities for skill development and growth within their roles.

graph showing job seeker desires
JobGet, Inc. | 2023

Regarding the hurdles encountered during job searches, salary remains the foremost consideration, with 19.6% of respondents ranking it as their top priority, closely followed by aligning their skills with job requirements at 16.9%.

graph showing job seekers challenges to job searching
JobGet, Inc. | 2023

For enterprises, offering transparent and competitive salary information within job postings is pivotal in attracting hourly workers. This practice not only aligns with the preferences of hourly workers but also fosters trust and openness in the recruitment process. Additionally, considering the shift toward skills-first hiring can be instrumental in ensuring that no potentially qualified candidates are overlooked. By emphasizing the relevance of skills over technical jargon, enterprises can create more user-friendly and accessible job titles, such as “Wood Care Specialist” and “Retail Sales Associate” instead of “Exterior Wood Restoration Technician” or “Retail Lead Generator.” This simple yet effective shift simplifies candidate searches and enhances overall visibility.

In addition, our survey results also shed light on the job-seeking behaviors and preferences of hourly workers:

  • Evaluating Employer Reputation: When asked how they assessed the reputation of potential employers, survey respondents had various approaches. While 35.64% asked within their personal network and 30.35% checked Glassdoor, 17.31% turned to TikTok for insights. Enterprises should consider these diverse sources when managing their online reputation.

graph showing where job seekers find their employer reviews
JobGet, Inc. | 2023
  • Methods for Job Search: 59.88% of respondents conducted job searches on mobile phones. Recognizing this, enterprises should adopt a mobile-first approach to reach and engage with job seekers, providing an enjoyable and accessible mobile experience.

graph showing where job seekers do their job searching
JobGet, Inc. | 2023

These examples represent just a fraction of the practices through which enterprises can harness data insights to enhance their hiring processes.

How Data-Driven Hiring Can Enhance the Candidate Experience for Hourly Workers

Now, let's delve deeper into the common pain points experienced by hourly workers and how enterprises can address these concerns:

  1. Salary Transparency: One common frustration among hourly workers is the lack of salary transparency in job postings. Many job listings either lack accurate salary information or omit it entirely. Since compensation is the top consideration for many hourly seekers, having this information readily available early in the application process is essential.

  2. Application Status: Applying for jobs can be time-consuming, and encountering outdated job listings or not hearing back after submitting an application or being interviewed can be demotivating for hourly workers (and recruiters, too!). Providing timely feedback and updates can significantly improve the candidate experience.

  3. Shifts & Scheduling: Flexibility in work schedules is crucial for hourly workers, as issues like transportation and childcare can be unreliable. Enterprises should consider offering clear information about shift options and scheduling flexibility to attract and retain top talent.

  4. Communication: Effective communication with managers and colleagues is critical for hourly workers, particularly when changing shifts or addressing workplace concerns. The responsibility for communication often falls on the individual, leading to friction and potential miscommunication. Enterprises can enhance the candidate experience by facilitating better communication channels.

  5. Workplace Culture: Toxic workplace cultures and high turnover rates negatively impact hourly workers' mental health and job satisfaction. However, finding accurate, recent, and relevant information about workplace culture and management can be challenging. Enterprises should work on providing transparent and accessible insights into their workplace culture to attract candidates who align with their values.

Incorporating these insights into your data-driven hiring strategy not only enhances your ROI but also creates a more candidate-centric and inclusive hiring process, addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by hourly workers. Moreover, it is a critical component in retaining your hourly workforce for sustained success.

Interested in learning more about how JobGet can help you fulfill your hiring needs? Your next great hire is just a click away!

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